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Updated June 2012

T. E. Lawrence to Pat Knowles

Ozone Hotel,


Dear Pat,

Only a month more: I cannot persuade myself that it is really all coming to an end. Almost daily I trip myself up in some research or advice concerning boats, something that might take weeks to fruition.

Good news the Ram. Also good about your affairs. [4 lines omitted]

I caught the train just after you went (it was a good idea, that pillion ride - though pretty awful pillioning with a suitcase and masterpiece in one’s arms!) and dumped the m-p in London on Emery Walker, to be photographed half size and collotyped, 100 copies. That is my frontispiece - 'airman 1934 type' - if ever I put together my notes on the R.A.F.

China is obviously well, and busy too, the house being full of visiting Europeans. It must be wearing on the soul to have everybody who calls a godly person. Not my society, theirs.... They expect to be on their way down to the coast for England, this time next year: and have clearly no other plans.

I have thought of a good idea, which is enclosed in the shape of many largish stamped envelopes. Will you save yourself trouble by dumping into them, at intervals of about ten days, all letters that arrive there for any of my names? I have warned some of those with whom I have to correspond, that my only future address is Clouds Hill... and so they are likely to send their letters for me more and more there.

Don't make a task of it, nor attempt regularity. Just send up an envelope when the mood takes you.

Chambers (Jock) has made a life-like noise again, and asks if he can spend his leave (April 22 - May 11) in the cottage. I have said yes, with me or without. [6 words omitted]

I am trying tonight to write some letters to Yorkshire fellows, and if I manage them, will enclose them for you to post. If I send them from Bridlington they may make efforts to see me... and that is inconvenient. The boats keep me all day, and are dull things for strangers.

Otherwise? Nothing. Let's see... enquire re clinker from Dulleston. Fire-logs from Wareham. Digging out the end of the tank for putting on a reinforcement. The last should be done and dry by April, for us to fill against the fire raisers: I am nearly complete with the engine-and-hose-and-pump order.



Source: DG 845-6
Checked: jw/
Last revised: 15 January 2005

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