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Updated June 2012

T. E. Lawrence to Corporal W. Bradbury



Excellent! If you can come up the 19th, I'll be out of this place about the 23rd. Air Ministry warns me that the Press are getting curious about my movements again. Damn the Press!

My book isn't a bit like yours: no spare parts, no part numbers, and no prices! Only a summary of the work done on boats. I haven't done all Mr. James' work for him! But it is accurate enough to show a skilled man what has happened. By all means bring yours up: and the Logs.

We launched the Dinghy: the quietest and sweetest tick-over of any Dinghy yet! It kicked back, when cold. So we put the ignition back a trifle. Then the front rocker ran dry, and there was no oil flowing down the front lead from head to camshaft front bearing. So we pulled down the rocker assembly, and found more bits of Harry M's. string in the rocker-fulcrum pipe! Took 'em out, and all's perfect.

Send the last engine of 217 when you can. We aim to get the Garage empty by February 27, and haven't too much time. Recasting the controls of 190 and 191 will be a slow job.

Felixstowe are pleased with 159 - but they ran down her battery, starting up! They'll learn, like we did.

Interesting about the Lion. More trouble coming, I think.

I'm sorry about your kid. Twelve teeth out isn't good fun for so small a creature. I hope it doesn't do him any harm.

If we launch the last boat on Feb. 27, as I hope, you should have tested it by March 2 or 3 - and then be free for Hythe again. Don't forget you ought to go to Meadows for a visit soon. They are an interesting firm; not many flies on them.

B.G. has applied for you, permanently! It's bound to come through, I think, and soon. Excellent! I'm as pleased as you, for it has all been done by his own suggestion. I've not had to hint a thing. That is the perfection of method! Don't say so, though!

Fetch Stan or somebody up with you: then he and you can test, while Boyle finishes in the Garage.



Source: DG 855
Checked: jw/
Last revised: 15 January 2005

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