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Updated June 2012

T. E. Lawrence to Sydney Cockerell

March 6th, 1935

Dear Cockerell

I refuse the title, you see, for others as well as for myself!

Yes, I was sorry when I heard of your eye inflammation. Both are or will be affected, I fear; and so good a bookman will feel miserable at even three days' blindness! Your maid is a sensible creature, though I noted with joy that she shared my doubts - and hesitation - as to pronouncing conjunctivitis.

By now the worst of it will be over. I hope it does not leave headaches behind. Be very easy with your reading for some weeks.

I said to Leeds (next day or so) that he ought to copy your rug dodge in the Ashmolean. A very few, well worn, good but not excessively rare rugs, I think. They helped uncommonly to break up the oppressive vasty floors which make museums so tiring to the eye. Nice spot, the FitzBilly.

As for the John portrait drawing, you have so many better things that its loss will not be anything but a relief. It is rarely horrible to find one's pictured effigy on show. I shall put it away, or lend it to a private house. Until I'm dead, I shall care about keeping myself out of sight. So please send it to Clouds Hill (unframed) where it will find several other Johns to comfort it.

No: I have no mind to write anything. I think I have acquired some of the necessary technique - now that I have nothing to say!  

Probably I shall wonder for most of this year about England, and if so I shall call again and hope to find you in solid health.

Yours ever

T. E. Shaw

Source: SCC 372-3
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Last revised: 1 January 2006

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