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Updated July 2012

T. E. Lawrence to K. W. Marshall

Clouds Hill,


Dear Marshall,

I couldn't do just as you suggested: it is very dangerous to come between a carnivore and its prey. But I have made guarded enquiries. My friend knew nothing about the 'drive': and after he had sniffed round to find out, he knew there was no drive, so far as his minions were concerned. Nor is there any connection between Bury and London. They regard Lancashire as rather foolish to have done what it did. [12 lines omitted]

I hope Boriswood is unbowed and bloody, under these stresses. It is the right mixture.

Thank them for the new Brown monster. I have not tackled it yet. The noble weather and various causes have kept me outdoors from dawn till dark, and sent me dead-beat to bed immediately it was decent to sleep. But that ceases in ten days.

Commend me to Greenwood, and say that I'm sure my interventions have not harmed him: and hope they may help. But they were very indirectly done.

Yours ever


Source: DG 871-2
Checked: jw/
Last revised: 7 February 2006

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